Mantua Township Ohio

Zoning FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For any questions regarding the following areas, check the corresponding sections in the zoning book.

General answers to common questions:

Section 610.07
Easements and Driveways:

The Township now requires any persons to obtain a permit before making any excavation to put in and/or replace culvert pipe within a "Township road right-of-way".

Driveways Area is to be maintained by property owner and kept clear of debris and an area
of 25 foot wide to 3 feet past backside of culvert clear cut for visibility. Driveways are to be a
minimum of 10 feet wide for the entire length in order to accommodate Fire Apparatus and
Safety/emergency vehicles.

Nothing except Mail Box and address sign are allowed in road easement. Mail Box must
conform to U.S.P.S. Regulations.

Section 610.01F
Corner lots:

No obstruction in excess of two (2) feet in height shall be placed on any corner lot within a triangle area formed by the street right-of-way lines and a line connecting them at points Thirty (30) feet from the intersection of the street lines. Shade trees which are pruned at least eight (8) feet above the established grade of the roadway, so as not to obstruct a clear view by motor vehicle drivers, may be maintained.

No commercial vehicle shall be parked within the required setback of the property which is Fifty (50)
feet from the road on most residential and commercial properties.

Parking/Storing of Vehicles:

One (1) Travel trailer/recreational vehicle may be stored on a lot.

Not more than one (1) unlicensed, inoperable or dismantled automobile, truck, trailer may be parked on a lot longer than forty-five (45) days.

Realtor Note:
There is no requirement in Mantua Township for a Pre-Sale Inspection.

When in question call the ZONING Department:
330-274-ZONE (9663)